10 Best Student Paper - Day 1

Monday, September 13, 2010: 1:20 PM-5:00 PM
406 (Convention Center)
Selected participating students will compete for the Best Student Presentation Award which is awarded each year at the Parent Society Meeting
Richard S. Fulford, PhD
Richard S. Fulford, PhD and James M. Long, PhD
1:20 PM
Evaluation of the behaviour, physiology and survival of muskellunge that are captured and released by specialized anglers
Sean J. Landsman, Carleton University; Hedrik Wachelka, Muskies Canada; Cory Suski, PhD, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Steven J. Cooke, PhD, Fish Ecology and Conservation Physiology Laboratory, Carleton University
1:40 PM
Correcting bias introduced by aerial counts in angler effort estimation
Byran J. Smucker, The Pennsylvania State University; Robert Lorantas, Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission; James L. Rosenberger, PhD, The Pennsylvania State University
2:00 PM
Ecosystem-based modeling evaluation of stocked predator introductions on reservoir food webs
Bryan T. Kinter, Ohio State University; Stuart A. Ludsin, Aquatic Ecology Laboratory - The Ohio State University; William E. Pine III, University of Florida
2:20 PM
Effects of stocked trout on native nongame riverine fishes
Daniel M. Weaver, North Carolina State University; Thomas J. Kwak, PhD, U.S. Geological Survey, North Carolina Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit
2:40 PM
Replacement of fish meal in sunshine bass diets with ethanol yeast
Brian R. Gause, Southern Illinois University Carbondale; Jesse Trushenski, Southern Illinois University Carbondale
3:00 PM
3:20 PM
Production dynamics for management of trout in low-productivity streams
Ben C. Wallace, M.S., North Carolina State University Coop Unit; Thomas J. Kwak, PhD, U.S. Geological Survey, North Carolina Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit
3:40 PM
Evidence of overfishing in the Eastern Mediterranean
Dori Edelist, PhD, Student, University of Haifa, Recanati Institute for Maritime Studies; Ehud Spanier, PhD, University of Haifa, Recanati Institute for Maritime Studies; Daniel Golani, PhD, Hebrew University, Jerusalem
4:00 PM
Modeling the spatial distribution of commercially important reef fish on the west Florida shelf
Steven Saul, University of Miami, RSMAS; John F. Walters III, PhD, National Marine Fisheries Service; David Die, PhD, University of Miami, RSMAS
4:20 PM
Taking the next step: Examining recruitment and population variation in largemouth bass when catch and release angling disrupts parental care
Jeffrey A. Stein, Illinois Natural History Survey; David P. Philipp, Illinois Natural History Survey
4:40 PM
Time series applications in otolith chemistry
Renee Reilly, Old Dominion University; Cynthia M. Jones, Old Dominion University; Chester E. Grosch, Old Dominion University
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