37 Statistics & Models I

Wednesday, September 15, 2010: 8:00 AM-11:40 AM
320 (Convention Center)
Brian J. Burke
8:00 AM
Can artificial neural networks simulate fish movement in novel environments?
Katherine E. Shepard, M.S., Louisiana State University; Kenneth A. Rose, Louisiana State University
8:20 AM
An individual-based homing model of ontogenetic migration in a coral reef fish using a biased random walk
Steven Saul, University of Miami, RSMAS; David Die, PhD, University of Miami, RSMAS; Elizabeth Brooks, PhD, National Marine Fisheries Service
8:40 AM
Individual-based modeling of fish population dynamics of an artificial reef community: Effects of habitat quantity and degree of refuge provided
Matthew Campbell, PhD, Louisiana State University; Kenneth A. Rose, PhD, Louisiana State University; Kevin Boswell, Louisiana State University; James H. Cowan Jr., Ph.D., Louisiana State University
9:00 AM
A spatially-explicit bioenergetics model of habitat suitability for striped bass in a Mississippi coastal river
Jay W. Dieterich, The University of Southern Mississippi Gulf Coast Research Laboratory; Richard S. Fulford, PhD, The University of Southern Mississippi
9:20 AM
An spatially explicit individual based model for of striped bass population dynamics in the San Francisco Bay and Delta
Arash Massoudieh, PhD, The Catholic University of America; Erik Loboschefsky, University of California, Davis; Jiafeng Zhang, PhD, University of California, Davis; Frank J. Loge, PhD, University of California, Davis
9:40 AM
Use of individual based models to explore the effects of turbidity on early life history traits of yellow perch
Nathan F. Manning, University of Toledo; Christine M. Mayer, PhD, University of Toledo; Jonathon M. Bossenbroek, University of Toledo; Jeff Tyson, Ohio Department of Natural Resources
10:00 AM
10:20 AM
Developing spatially-explicit assessment tools for eastern oyster in Chesapeake Bay
Maude Livings, Chesapeake Biological Laboratory; Mitchell Tarnowski, Maryland Dept. of Natural Resources; Michael Wilberg, PhD, Chesapeake Biological Laboratory
10:40 AM
An ecosystem-based modeling approach: The Chesapeake Atlantis Model
Thomas F. Ihde, PhD, NOAA Chesapeake Bay Office/ Versar; Howard M. Townsend, PhD, NOAA Chesapeake Bay Office
11:00 AM
Modeling the effects of a power plant's thermal discharge on an indigenous fish community
Thomas Englert, PhD, HDR Engineering Inc.; Bruce Lippincott, PhD, HDR Engineering Inc.; Jee Ko, HDR Engineering Inc.; John Petro, Exelon Generation Company
11:20 AM
Underwater blast pressure effects on caged juvenile fish from confined rock removal during the Columbia River channel improvement project
Christa M. Woodley, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; Kathleen M. Carter, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; Mark A. Weiland, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; Josh R. Myers, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; Gary E. Johnson, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; Thomas J. Carlson, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; Blaine Ebberts, US Army Corps of Engineers
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