15 Stream & River Communities I

Tuesday, September 14, 2010: 8:40 AM-12:00 PM
320 (Convention Center)
Daniel J. Dembkowski
8:40 AM
Investigations of potential impacts of natural gas drilling on headwater stream fishes in north central Arkansas
Loren W. Stearman, University of Central Arkansas; Ginny Adams, PhD, University of Central Arkansas; S. Reid Adams, PhD, University of Central Arkansas; Sally Entrekin, PhD, University of Central Arkansas
9:00 AM
Stuck in the mud: Spring restoration to improve fish habitat in the Conasauga River drainage
Anna L. George, PhD, Tennessee Aquarium Conservation Institute; Brett Albanese, PhD, Georgia Department of Natural Resources; David A. Neely, PhD, Tennessee Aquarium Conservation Institute; Lee S. Friedlander, Tennessee Aquarium Conservation Institute; Katharine A. Owers, Georgia Department of Natural Resources; Joshua B. Smith, Conasauga River Alliance
9:20 AM
Seasonal use of tributaries by Missouri River fishes in the Garrison Reach, ND
McLain S. Johnson, South Dakota State University; Brian D.S. Graeb, PhD, South Dakota State University; Cari-Ann Hayer, South Dakota State University; Charles R. Berry Jr., PhD, South Dakota State University; R. Scott Gangl, State of North Dakota
The influence of forest cover and local habitat conditions on diversity of fishes in the Lake Washington watershed, Washington (Withdrawn)
10:00 AM
10:20 AM
Riverscape fragmentation, hydrologic alteration, and decline of pelagic-spawning fishes in the Great Plains of North America
Joshuah S. Perkin, Kansas State University; Keith B. Gido, Kansas State University
10:40 AM
Habitat and landscape variable associations of freshwater mussel communities in the Susquehanna River sub-basins
Mary C. Walsh, Western Pennsylvania Conservancy; Elizabeth Meyer, Western Pennsylvania Conservancy
11:00 AM
Investigating zooplankton abundance and composition within a Louisiana river and adjacent tributaries
William L. Sheftall IV, Louisiana State University AgCenter; Michael D. Kaller, PhD, Louisiana State University Agricultural Center; William E. Kelso, Louisiana State University Agricultural Center
11:20 AM
Instream flow studies on Richland Creek, Nashville,Tennessee
Kimberly Ann Elkin, Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency; Susan Lanier, Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency
11:40 AM
Heterogeneity in urbanization-induced stream ecosystem degradation between two physiographic regions of the Mid-Atlantic United States
Ryan M. Utz, PhD, National Ecological Observatory Network; Robert H. Hilderbrand, PhD, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science
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