4 Early life history

Monday, September 13, 2010: 1:20 PM-3:40 PM
316 (Convention Center)
J. Brian Alford, PhD
1:20 PM
Overwinter survival, growth, and energy allocation strategies of age-0 largemouth bass: exploring the influences of latitudinal origin and predation risk
Curtis P. Wagner, Illinois Natural History Survey and Ohio Division of Wildlife; Michael A. Nannini, PhD, Illinois Natural History Survey; Russell A. Wright, PhD, Auburn University; Dennis R. DeVries, PhD, Auburn University; James E. Garvey, PhD, Southern Illinois University; Cory Suski, PhD, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; David H. Wahl, PhD, University of Illinois
1:40 PM
Testing early life history using otolith chemistry and particle tracking simulations
Julian A. Ashford, Ph.D., Old Dominion University; Mario La Mesa, Ph.D., ISMAR-CNR; Bettina A. Fach, Ph.D., Middle East Technical University; Christopher D. Jones, Ph.D., National Marine Fisheries Service
2:00 PM
Factors limiting walleye reproduction in a Lake Michigan tributary
Jordan R. Allison, Grand Valley State University, Annis Water Resources Institute; Carl R. Ruetz III, PhD, Grand Valley State University; Edward S. Rutherford, PhD, NOAA Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory
2:20 PM
Influence of temperature on growth and survival of young-of-year rainbow smelt in St. Martin Bay, Lake Huron
Timothy O'Brien, Michigan State University; William W. Taylor, Ph.D., Michigan State University; Edward F. Roseman, Ph.D., US Geological Survey; Andrew Briggs, Lake Superior State University
2:40 PM
Blue crab settlement and recruitment patterns in shallow estuarine habitats of Texas
Danielle M. Greer, PhD, Texas A&M University; R. Douglas Slack, PhD, Texas A&M University
3:00 PM
3:20 PM
Long-term patterns in use of an intertidal salt marsh basin by flatfishes in South Carolina, USA
Mary Carla Curran, Ph.D., Savannah State University; Andrew R. Solow, Ph.D., Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution; Dennis M. Allen, Ph.D., Baruch Marine Field Laboratory
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