34 Freshwater Fish Mgt. I

Wednesday, September 15, 2010: 8:00 AM-12:00 PM
317 (Convention Center)
Gregory W. Whitledge
8:00 AM
Evaluate creel survey design and estimation methods in Michigan by simulation
Zhenming Su, PhD, Institute for Fisheries Research
8:20 AM
The influence of changing climate on the ecology and management of Great Lakes fisheries
Abigail J. Lynch, M.S., Michigan State University; William W. Taylor, Ph.D., Michigan State University; Kelley D. Smith, Ph.D., Michigan Department of Natural Resources
8:40 AM
Propagated fishes in resource management -- where are we?
Vincent Mudrak, US Fish and Wildlife Service
9:00 AM
Simulated equilibrium walleye densities under dynamic and constant recreational angler effort in northern Wisconsin
Amy M. Schueller, PhD, National Marine Fisheries Service; Andrew H. Fayram, PhD, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
9:20 AM
Impact of juvenile Lake Sturgeon growth rate on sub-adult and adult recruitment in an impounded section of the Winnipeg River
Kelly L. Sparks, Canadian Rivers Institute, University of New Brunswick; Stephan Peake, PhD, Canadian Rivers Institute, University of New Brunswick
9:40 AM
In situ determination of an acoustic target strength to total length relationship for age-0 gizzard shad
Richard D. Zweifel, PhD, Inland Fisheries Research Unit; Jonathan C. Denlinger, Inland Fisheries Research Unit
10:00 AM
10:20 AM
Biological monitoring for environmental compliance before, during, and after underwater blasting events in tidal freshwater of the Columbia River, USA
Gary E. Johnson, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; Christa Woodley, PhD, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; Thomas Carlson, PhD, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; Blaine Ebberts, US Army Corps of Engineers
10:40 AM
Performance of a bioenergetics model to predict growth of young-of-year walleye and saugeye
Ruth D. Briland, B.S., The Ohio State University; David A. Culver, The Ohio State University; Stuart A. Ludsin, Aquatic Ecology Laboratory - The Ohio State University
11:00 AM
Total mercury concentrations of brook trout in Pennsylvania streams
Steven D. Means, Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection; Michael J. Lookenbill, Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection
11:20 AM
Classifying reservoirs to streamline fisheries management
Joseph D. Conroy, Ph.D., Inland Fisheries Research Unit, Division of Wildlife; Jonathan C.S. Denlinger, Inland Fisheries Research Unit, Division of Wildlife
11:40 AM
Recreational and subsistence stream fisheries of Puerto Rico: Are there contaminant concerns?
Elissa N. Buttermore, North Carolina State University; Thomas J. Kwak, PhD, U.S. Geological Survey, North Carolina Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit; Patrick B. Cooney, North Carolina Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit, North Carolina State University; Damian Shea, North Carolina State University; Peter R. Lazaro, North Carolina State University; W. Gregory Cope, North Carolina State University
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