28 Stream & River Communities II

Tuesday, September 14, 2010: 1:20 PM-3:00 PM
320 (Convention Center)
Aimee H. Fullerton
1:20 PM
Comparative fish assemblages of the Lake Decatur watershed
Candice M. Miller, Oklahoma State University; Robert E. Colombo, PhD, Eastern Illinois University; Charles L. Pederson, PhD, Eastern Illinois University
1:40 PM
Effects of road salt on fish assemblages in Maryland
Raymond P. Morgan II, PhD, UMCES
2:00 PM
Sedentary host fish: A significant threat to the recruitment of pearl mussels
Ondrej Slavik, PhD, Water Research Institute T.G.M
2:20 PM
Classification of Oklahoma streams using the hydroecological integrity assessment process
Titus S. Seilheimer, New York Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit & Cornell University; Rachel A. Esralew, U.S. Geological Survey-Oklahoma Water Science Center; William L. Fisher, U.S. Geological Survey, New York Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit, Cornell University; Donald J. Turton, Oklahoma State University
2:40 PM
Definitions of rarity for stream fishes and factors associated with rarity
Jeremy J. Pritt, University of Toledo; Emmanuel A. Frimpong, PhD, Virginia Tech
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