Characteristics and Conservation of the Three Goreges Reservoir Ecosystem

Monday, September 9, 2013
Governor's Hall I (trade show) (Statehouse Convention Center)
Yu Zeng , China Three Gorges Corporation, Beijing, China
Zhiyu Sun , China Three Gorges Corporation, Beijing, China
Hongbin Yang , China Three Gorges Corporation, Beijing, China
Yongbo Chen , China Three Gorges Corporation, Beijing, China
The Three Gorges Reservoir has three main functions: flood control, power generation, and navigation. After the reservoir impounded, there were significant changes in fish community and biodiversity, (1) the original riverine fishes are forced to move upstream and may eventually disappear, due to slow water flow; (2) the lacustrine fishes will increase quickly, because the newly open water environment can provide suitable condition for their survival, reproduction and feeding; and (3) the migratory fishes cannot spawn naturally because of the barrier dam, thus, the remainder left in the reservoir may find spawning grounds in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River. The Three Gorges reservoir is relatively at its developmental stage or a young ecosystem where the new ecological balance has not been achieved from its original status. We applied ecological fishery design that was based on the principles of ecology, to accelerate ecological transformation from the riverine dominated to a channel type reservoir ecosystem, and to establish new ecological balance and maintain aquatic ecosystem health in the Three Gorges Reservoir. Details on how to protect the health and stability of the aquatic ecosystem and to achieve sustainable development of fish diversity are discussed.