Fish Migration Monitoring

Thursday, September 12, 2013: 8:00 AM-12:00 PM
Hoffman (The Marriott Little Rock)
The need for monitoring the migration of fish in rivers has never been greater, with declining stocks, polluted rivers and growing aquaculture production in critical areas.

Vaki Aquaculture Systems Ltd. has been a leading company in developing equipment for counting and measuring the size of live fish since 1986. Through continuous product development and customer contact, Vaki has adapted its products to new areas, and the fish counter for use in fish ladders, is one of our innovations. The Riverwatcher is based on the same technology that has been proven in exposed conditions in the aquaculture industry. The Riverwatcher is used in more than 300 sites all over the world including Iceland, Scandinavia, Ireland, UK, USA, Canada, Spain, Portugal, Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany and Switzerland.. In the presentation I will show some results from different rivers in Scandinavia, UK and N-America.

Various versions are available, and the counter can be adapted to local conditions in each individual instance. The Riverwatcher consists of a Control Unit with software, a Scanner Unit with a data bank and cables, solar-panel batteries and a computer program for processing the data.

Value to AFS members

Ÿ  Comparison of catch figures and the movement pattern of the fish to calculate the exploitation rate

Ÿ  Comparison of the movement pattern of the fish from one year to another

Ÿ  Evaluation of the results of rearing and smolt releases

Ÿ  Assessment of the influence of different environmental factors

Ÿ  Assessment of the efficiency of the fish ladder

Ÿ  Valuable data for better fisheries management

Magnus Asgeirsson
Casey Cox
Understanding the Dynamics, Cues and Implications of Bull Trout Movement in the Walla Walla Basin (Withdrawn)
8:40 AM
Macro-Benthic Prey and Physical Habitat Characteristics in a Western Gulf Sturgeon Population: Differential Estuarine Habitat Use Patterns
Mark S. Peterson, University of Southern Mississippi; Jeanne-Marie Havrylkoff, University of Southern Mississippi; Paul Grammer, University of Southern Mississippi; Paul Mickle, University of Southern Mississippi; William T. Slack, US Army ERDC; Kevin Yeager, University of Kentucky

9:00 AM
Assessing Fish Behavior Using Acoustic Telemetry Methods
Kevin K. Kumagai, Hydroacoustic Technology, Inc.; Colleen Sullivan, Hydroacoustic Technology, Inc.; Samuel Johnston, HTI Hydroacoustic Technology, Inc

9:20 AM
Where Did They All Go? A Deconstruction of the Record 2012 Columbia Basin Sockeye Run
Jeffrey K. Fryer, Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission

9:40 AM
"Responses of Coastal Largemouth Bass to Seasonal and Episodic Hypoxia in the Chowan River, NC"
Daniel Brown, North Carolina State University; James A. Rice, North Carolina State University; D. Derek Aday, North Carolina State University

10:00 AM
Thursday AM Break

10:20 AM
Sampling Little Fish in Big Rivers: Larval Fish Detection Probabilities in Two Lake Erie Tributaries
Jeremy J. Pritt, University of Toledo; Mark DuFour, University of Toledo; Christine M. Mayer, University of Toledo; Edward F. Roseman, US Geological Survey

10:40 AM
Upstream Migration of Yellow-Phase American Eels (Anguilla rostrata) At Norrell Lock and Dam, Arkansas River Navigation System
Casey Cox, University of Central Arkansas; S. Reid Adams, University of Central Arkansas; Ginny Adams, University of Central Arkansas; Lindsey Lewis, U S Fish and Widlife Service; Jeffrey W. Quinn, Arkansas Game and Fish Commission

11:20 AM
Dispersal Patterns of Lake Sturgeon in the Detroit-St. Clair River System
Darryl Hondorp, USGS Great Lakes Science Center; Michael Thomas, Michigan Department of Natural Resources; Chris Holbrook, U.S. Geological Survey; James Boase, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service ; Justin Chiotti, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service; Edward F. Roseman, US Geological Survey; Lloyd Mohr, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources; Richard Drouin, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources; Charles C. Krueger, Great Lakes Fishery Commission

11:40 AM
Movements and Behaviors of Blue Marlin (Makaira nigricans) in Northwestern Pacific Ocean Examined Using Pop-Up Satellite Archival Tags
Wei-Chuan Chiang, Fisheries Research Institute, Taiwan; Hsiao-Min Hung, Fisheries Research Institute, Taiwan; Xian-Zhong Lin, Fisheries Research Institute, Taiwan; Shin-Chi Chen, Fisheries Research Institute, Taiwan; Chi-Lu Sun, Institute of Oceanography, National Taiwan University; Michael K. Musyl, University of Hawaii; Gerard DiNardo, NOAA Fisheries, Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center; Wen-Yie Chen, Fisheries Research Institute, Taiwan; Don-Chung Liu, Fisheries Research Institute, Taiwan; Chin-Lau Kuo, Fisheries Research Institute, Taiwan

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