Nutrients, Aquatic Food Webs, and Fisheries Management - Part 1

Monday, September 9, 2013: 1:00 PM-5:00 PM
Manning (The Marriott Little Rock)
Nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus are fundamental to life and can limit biological processes at the scales of individuals, populations, communities and ecosystems. A significant challenge in fisheries science is quantifying the direct and indirect connections between nutrient concentrations in waterbodies and community structure and production of multiple trophic levels in response to bottom up and top down resource management. This symposium will bring together a diverse group of scientists interested in linkages between nutrient biogeochemistry and population, community, and ecosystem ecology. We seek presentations aimed at quantifying the flow of nutrients through the aquatic food web and the chemical, energetic, or stoichiometric constraints on these processes. Presentations may focus on any aspect of nutrient-aquatic food web interactions such as physiological ecology; population or community ecology of primary producers, heteterotrophic microbes, zooplankton, macroinvertebrates, or fish; trophic interactions; or ecosystem management. The interdisciplinary nature of this symposium should attract fish ecologists and fisheries managers, as well and stream ecologists and limnologists. A compilation of diverse scientists is valuable for moving each of the individual disciplines forward by addressing issues and research areas of common concern.
Sally Entrekin
Thad Scott , Michelle Evans-White and Sally Entrekin
1:40 PM
Potential Nutrient Subsidy Synergies Between Agriculture and Stocked Trout in New York Streams
Alexander Alexiades, Cornell; William L. Fisher, U.S. Geological Survey, New York Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit, Department of Natural Resources,Cornell University

2:00 PM
Habitat Characterization of Southern Lake Michigan River Plumes: Implications for Fish Recruitment
Sarah R. Stein, Purdue University; Yusuf Jameel, University of Utah; Alan Wilson, Auburn University; Gabriel Bowen, University of Utah; Cary D. Troy, Purdue University; Tomas O. Hook, Purdue University

2:20 PM
Phosphorus Concentration and Light Availability Differentially Affect Microbial-Mediated Leaf Litter Conditioning
Erin Scott, University of Arkansas; Michelle Evans-White, University of Arkansas; Thad Scott, University of Arkansas

2:40 PM
Growth and Stoichiometry of a Stream Insect Detritivore Subject to Dietary Nutrient Enrichment
Halvor Halvorson, University of Arkansas; Michelle Evans-White, University of Arkansas

3:00 PM
Monday PM Break

3:20 PM
Bottom-Up Nutrient and Top-Down Fish Impacts On Methylmercury Flux From Aquatic Ecosystems: A Synthesis of Recent Studies
Matthew Chumchal, Texas Christian University; Ray Drenner, Texas Christian University; Bradley Blackwell, Texas Christian University; W. Gary Cocke, Texas Christian University; Byron Henderson, Texas Christian University; Taylor Jones, Texas Christian University; Weston Nowlin, Texas State University; Brent Tweedy, University of Oklahoma

3:40 PM
Mercury Bioaccumulation in the Longnose Gar: A Model Species for Examining Patterns of MeHg Uptake
Meredith Smylie, College of Charleston; Virginia Shervette, University of South Carolina Aiken; Chris Mcdonough, South Carolina Department of Natural Resources; Lou Ann Reed, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

4:20 PM
Patterns of Mayfly Phosphorus Content Across a Phosphorus Gradient
Jeffrey A. Back, Baylor University; Ryan S. King, Baylor University; Jason Taylor, Cornell University

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