Fish Ecology 1

Wednesday, September 11, 2013: 8:00 AM-5:00 PM
Pope (Statehouse Convention Center)
Shannon Brewer and David H. Wahl
8:00 AM
Effects Of Chronic Thermal Stress On Tolerance and Growth Of Channel and Hybrid Catfish
Heather Stewart, Mississippi State University; Brian Bosworth, USDA/ARS Catfish Genetic Research Unit

8:20 AM
Seasonal Responses of Crayfish to Stream Drying
Joseph Dyer, Oklahoma State University; Shannon Brewer, U.S. Geological Survey, Oklahoma Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit

8:40 AM
Movement, Habitat Use and Mortality Rates of White Bass in Jordan Lake, NC
Kelsey Lincoln, North Carolina State University; D. Derek Aday, North Carolina State University; James A. Rice, North Carolina State University

9:00 AM
Spawning Microhabitat Use of Bluehead Chubs in a Small Virginia Stream
Christina Bolton, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University; Stanford Nettles, University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff; Brandon Peoples, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University; Emmanuel A. Frimpong, Virginia Tech

9:20 AM
Diet and Growth of Brown Trout in Southeastern Minnesota: Seasonal Patterns Across Two Years
Jennifer Cochran-Biederman, Minnesota Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit; William French, Minnesota Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit; Bruce Vondracek, Minnesota Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit

10:00 AM
Wednesday AM Break

10:20 AM
Physiological and Metabolic Responses of Juvenile American Paddlefish to Hypoxia and Temperature
Daniel Aboagye, Mississippi State University; Peter Allen, Mississippi State University

10:40 AM
Weir-Induced Serial Discontinuity and Mitigation Strategies
Melanie Mueller, Technische Universität München, Aquatic Systems Biology Unit; Joachim Pander, Technische Universität München, Aquatic Systems Biology Unit; Juergen Geist, Technische Universität München, Aquatic Systems Biology Unit

11:00 AM
Hatchery Effects On Florida Largemouth Bass Micropterus Salmoides Floridanus Resource Allocation, Behavior and Post-Release Survival
Taryn Gainer, University of Florida; Christopher Monk, University of Florida; Michael Matthews, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission; Colette St. Mary, University of Florida; Kai Lorenzen, University of Florida, Fisheries & Aquatic Sciences

11:20 AM
New Tools for Bioindication of Water and Substratum Quality in Streams
Joachim Pander, Technische Universität München, Aquatic Systems Biology Unit; Juergen Geist, Technische Universität München, Aquatic Systems Biology Unit

11:40 AM
Ecological Factors Influencing Movement of Creek Chub in An Intermittent Headwater Stream of the Ozark Mountains, Arkansas
Richard H. Walker, University of Central Arkansas; Ginny Adams, University of Central Arkansas

12:00 PM
Wednesday Lunch

1:00 PM
The Effect of Multiple Techniques On Largemouth Bass Stocking Success
Matthew J. Diana, Illinois Natural History Survey; David H. Wahl, Illinois Natural History Survey

1:20 PM
Quantifying the Effects of Supplemental Pellet Feeding and Threadfin Shad in Recreational Fishing Ponds Using Stable Isotope Analysis
Keith Henderson, Auburn University; Russell A. Wright, Auburn University; Dennis R. DeVries, Auburn University

1:40 PM
Behavioral Thermoregulation of Fishes in Relation to Heated Effluent From a Power Plant On the Cumberland River, Tennessee
Justin Spaulding, Tennessee Cooperative Fishery Research Unit, Tennessee Technological University; Phillip Bettoli, Tennessee Cooperative Fishery Research Unit; Mark S. Bevelhimer, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

2:00 PM
Community Diversity and Community Analyses: How Choices Aid Or Confound
Donald A. Jackson, University of Toronto; Edie Marsh-Matthews, The University of Oklahoma; William Matthews, The University of Oklahoma

2:20 PM
The Influence of Trophic Guild Composition On the Body Size Distributions and Trophic Structure of Mid-Order River Fish Communities
Gabe Madel, Central Michigan University; Brent A. Murry, Central Michigan University; Tracy L. Galarowicz, Central Michigan University; Daniel B. Hayes, Michigan State University; Clarence Fullard, Central Michigan University; Jacob Stoller, Michigan State University; Melvin Haas, Central Michigan University

2:40 PM
Assessment of Range, Habitat, and Movement Patterns of Flathead Catfish (Pylodictis olivaris) in a Midwestern River Using Ultrasonic Telemetry
Sarah Huck, Eastern Illinois University; Cassi J. Moody, Eastern Illinois University; Les Frankland, Illinois Department of Natural Resources; Robert E. Colombo, Eastern Illinois University

3:00 PM
Wednesday PM Break

3:20 PM
Understanding Fish Assemblage Structure in Lentic Ecosystems: A Comparison of Natural Lakes and Reservoirs in Iowa, USA
Jesse R. Fischer, Iowa State University; Michael C. Quist, U.S. Geological Survey, Idaho Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit

Within-Individual Analysis of Round Goby Trophic Metrics: How Do Stomach Content, Fatty Acid, and δ13c / δ15Ν Stable Isotope Signatures Compare? (Withdrawn)
4:00 PM
Novel Techniques for Marking Largemouth Bass Otoliths: Transgenerational and Barium-Diffusion Marking
Joel Nohner, Michigan State University; William W. Taylor, Michigan State University

4:20 PM
Dynamics of Intermittent Stream Fish Metacommunities
Lucas Driver, University of North Texas; David Hoeinghaus, University of North Texas

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