Thursday, September 12, 2013: 1:00 PM-5:00 PM
Harris Brake (The Marriott Little Rock)
William Hintz
1:00 PM
Sturgeon and Paddlefish Spawning and Larval Dispersal in the Lower Missouri River
Aaron J. DeLonay, U.S. Geological Survey; David K. Combs, Five Rivers Services, LLC; Caroline M. Elliott, U.S. Geological Survey; Susannah O. Erwin, U.S. Geological Survey; Amy George, U.S. Geological Survey; Edward Heist, Southern Illinois University

1:20 PM
Pallid Sturgeon Migration and Spawning Habitat Use On the Yellowstone and Missouri Rivers
Caroline M. Elliott, U.S. Geological Survey; Aaron J. DeLonay, U.S. Geological Survey; Robert B. Jacobson, U.S. Geological Survey; Patrick J. Braaten, U.S. Geological Survey; Chad J. Vishy, Five Rivers Services, LLC; Kimberly A. Chojnacki, U.S. Geological Survey; Jason Rhoten, Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks; Brandon McElroy, University of Wyoming; David K. Combs, Five Rivers Services, LLC; Sabrina A. Davenport, Five Rivers Services, LLC; Gerald E. Mestl, Nebraska Game and Parks Commission; Jusitn Haas, Nebraska Game and Parks Commission

1:40 PM
Influence of Channel Morphology and Flow Regime On Larval Drift of Missouri River Pallid Sturgeon
Susannah O. Erwin, U.S. Geological Survey; Robert B. Jacobson, U.S. Geological Survey

2:00 PM
Developing a Predictive Model For the Probability of Capturing Pallid Sturgeon In the Mississippi River
Rob DeVries, Mississippi State University; Dylan Hann, Mississippi State University; Harold L. Schramm, U.S. Geological Survey

2:20 PM
Validation of a Sturgeon Habitat to Discharge Model Using Fixed Position Time-Lapse Photography to Monitor Changes in River Habitat Conditions
Edward J. Peters, Parham and Associates Environmental Consulting, LLC; James E. Parham, Parham & Associates Environmental Consulting LLC

2:40 PM
Status and Habitat Patch Use of Scaphirhynchus Sturgeon in An Important Fluvial Corridor
William Hintz, Southern Illinois University; David Glover, Southern Illinois University; James E. Garvey, Southern Illinois University

3:00 PM
Thursday PM Break

Endocrine Regulation of Growth in An Ancient Fish Species, the Shovelnose Sturgeon (Withdrawn)
3:40 PM
Demographics of the Commercially Exploited Shovelnose Sturgeon Population in the Lower Wabash River, Illinois
Vaskar Nepal KC, Eastern Illinois University; Les Frankland, Illinois Department of Natural Resources; Robert E. Colombo, Eastern Illinois University

4:00 PM
Estimating Sturgeon Abundance in the Carolinas Using Side-Scan Sonar and Bayesian Models
H. Jared Flowers, North Carolina State University; Joseph E. Hightower, U.S. Geological Survey, North Carolina State University

4:20 PM
Lake Sturgeon Reproductive Structure in the Lower Niagara River
Gregory R. Jacobs, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service; Molly Webb, USFWS Bozeman Fish Technology Center; Dimitry Gorsky, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

4:40 PM
Genetic Variation and Population Structure in Gulf Sturgeon
Brian Kreiser, The University of Southern Mississippi

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