Human Dimensions & Anglers

Monday, September 9, 2013: 1:00 PM-5:00 PM
Fulton (Statehouse Convention Center)
Larry M. Gigliotti
1:20 PM
Non-Response Bias Associated With Statewide Angler Surveys Conducted By Internet
Larry M. Gigliotti, United States Geological Survey; Kjetil Henderson, South Dakota State University

1:40 PM
Determining Size- and Sex-Specific Capture and Harvest Selectivity for Walleye
Matthew Smith, Virginia Institute of Marine Science, College of William and Mary; Ransom Myers, Dalhousie University; John Hoenig, Virginia Institute of Marine Science, College of William & Mary; Neil Kmiecik, Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission; Mark Luehring, Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission; Melissa Drake, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources; Patrick Schmalz, Minnesota DNR; Greg G. Sass, Escanaba Lake Research Station

2:00 PM
Evaluation of a Spatially-Explicit Fisheries Economics Simulator (SEFES) for the Mid-Atlantic Surfclam Fishery
Eric N. Powell, The University of Southern Mississippi; John Klinck, Old Dominion University; Paula Moreno, The University of Southern Mississippi; Daphne Munroe, Rutgers University; Eileen Hoffmann, Old Dominion University; Roger Mann, Virginia Institute of Marine Science

2:40 PM
The GIFT Tilapia Strain in Africa: Potential Ecological Risks and Economic Benefits
Yaw Ansah, Virginia Tech; Emmanuel A. Frimpong, Virginia Tech; Eric Hallerman, Virginia Tech

3:00 PM
Monday PM Break

3:20 PM
A Structured Decision-Making Approach to Fish Stocking in Owasco Lake, NY
Kelly F. Robinson, Cornell University, New York Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit; William L. Fisher, U.S. Geological Survey, New York Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit, Department of Natural Resources,Cornell University

3:40 PM
Underserved Minority Groups in Urban Fishing: Regulations, Motivation, Management and Attitudes
Ryan Fletcher, Michigan State University; William W. Taylor, Michigan State University; Aaron McCright, Michigan State University; Hannibal Bolton, US Fish and Wildlife Service

4:00 PM
Combining Fishermen's Knowledge and Statistical Analysis to Understand Habitat Usage of Atlantic Halibut in the Gulf of Maine
Julia Beaty, University of Maine; Yong Chen, University of Maine; James A. Wilson, University of Maine

4:20 PM
Economic Impact of a Recreational Striped Bass Fishery
Ryan Lothrop, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife; Terry Hanson, Auburn University; Steven M. Sammons, Auburn University; Diane Hite, Auburn University; Mike Maceina, Auburn University

4:40 PM
Salt Acclimation of Freshwater Prawns and Its Effects On Consumer Acceptance
Michael Ciaramella Jr., Mississippi State University; Peter Allen, Mississippi State University; Mark Schilling, Mississippi State University; Poulson Joseph, Kalsec; Louis D'Abramo, Mississippi State University; Juan Silva, Mississippi State University; Taejo Kim, Mississippi State University; Vikram Kurve, Mississippi State University; Yan Zhao, Mississippi State University; Monil Desai, Mississippi State University

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