Fish Ecology Posters

Monday, September 9, 2013: 11:30 AM-6:00 PM
Governor's Hall I (trade show) (Statehouse Convention Center)
Sport Fish Population Attributes As Influenced By Water Level Fluctuations in Glacial Lakes
Daniel J. Dembkowski, South Dakota State University; Steven R. Chipps, U. S. Geological Survey, South Dakota Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit; Brian G. Blackwell, State of South Dakota

Native Nontolerant Coolwater Fishes Uniquely Affect Great Plains Streams
Erinn Ipsen, South Dakota State University; Katie Bertrand, South Dakota State University; Brian Graeb, South Dakota State University

Identifying River of Origin and Movements of Adult Scaphirhynchus Sturgeon Using Fin Ray Microchemistry
Anthony P. Porreca, Southern Illinois University; William Hintz, Southern Illinois University; Neil P. Rude, Southern Illinois University; Gregory W. Whitledge, Southern Illinois University; James E. Garvey, Southern Illinois University

A Comparison of Two Largemouth Bass Populations in the Upper Barataria Estuary
Bo Boudreaux, Nicholls State University; Allyse Ferrara, Nicholls State University; Quenton Fontenot, Nicholls State University

Verification of Age- At- Length and Growth Rates of Variegate Darters
Laura Heironimus, South Dakota State University; Jane E. Argentina, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University; Paul L. Angermeier, U.S. Geological Survey, Virginia Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Simulating Fish Assemblages in Riverine Networks
Joe Ebersole, EPA Western Ecology Division; Brenda Rashleigh, EPA Atlantic Ecology Division; Allen Brookes, US Environmental Protection Agency; George Boxall, Amnis Opes Institute; Denis White, EPA Western Ecology Division; John Bolte, Oregon State university

Effects of Environmental Enrichment On the Survival and Movement Patterns of Hatchery-Reared Steelhead
Jamilynn Poletto, University of California, Davis; Philip Sandstrom, US Geological Survey; Jose Setka, East Bay Municipal Utility District; Casey Del Real, East Bay Municipal Utility District; Ryan Battleson, University of California, Davis; A. Peter Klimley, University of California, Davis

Analysis of Striped Bass, Morone Saxatilis, Otolith Microchemistry Data Suggests Movements of These Fish in the Waters of North Carolina (Withdrawn)
The Effects of Ocean Acidification and Hypoxia On Elemental Incorporation Into the Otoliths of Estruarine Fish in the Gulf of Mexico
Joshua Willms, Texas Tech University; Tiffany Hopper-Hedrick, Texas Tech University; Alexander Norton, Texas Tech University; Sandra L. Diamond-Tissue, Texas Tech University

Lake Huron Food Web Shifts After Multiple Invasions
Lindsey Adams Sr., Central Michigan University; Brent A. Murry, Central Michigan University; James Johnson, DNR-Alpena, MI; Aaron T. Fisk, University of Windsor; Tracy L. Galarowicz, Central Michigan University

Use of Anechoic Baffles for Improving Range and Detection Efficiency of Acoustic Telemetry Systems
George W. Batten III, Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission; Tyler Mitchell, Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission; Darin Etherington, Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission; Scott Carpenter, Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission; Mark A. Weiland, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

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