Review of the Clean Water Act 316(b) Rule for Existing Facilities

Monday, August 18, 2014: 1:30 PM
203 (Centre des congrès de Québec // Québec City Convention Centre)
Douglas A. Dixon , Electric Power Research Institute, Gloucester Point, VA
The final Clean Water Act Section 316(b) Rule, long in preparation by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), is planned for release in Spring 2014.  This regulation will require plants that use surface water for cooling, including power plants, pulp and paper mills, iron and steel mills, chemical manufacturing facilities and oil and gas plants that were built before 2001 to implement measures to reduce fish and shellfish impingement and entrainment.  This opening keynote presentation will review the requirements of the Rule for plant operators and state and federal Permit Directors responsible for issuing National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permits.