Contributed Papers - Trout

Wednesday, August 20, 2014: 8:20 AM-3:10 PM
306A (Centre des congrès de Québec // Québec City Convention Centre)
Eduardo G. Martins , Kyle J. Hartman and Melinda Baerwald
Eduardo G. Martins

Kyle J. Hartman, PhD

Melinda Baerwald

8:20 AM
SNPs Reveal Previously Undocumented Non-Native Introgression within Lahontan Cutthroat Trout Populations
Victoria Pritchard, University of Turku; John Carlos Garza, NOAA Southwest Fisheries Science Center; Mary M. Peacock, University of Nevada, Reno

8:40 AM
Seasonal Patterns in Growth Diet, and Prey Availability of Brown Trout in Groundwater-Dominated Streams
Jennifer Cochran-Biederman, Minnesota Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit; Bruce Vondracek, Minnesota Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit

9:00 AM
Epigenetic Modifications Are Associated with Propensity to Migrate in Rainbow Trout
Melinda Baerwald, University of California, Davis; Molly Stephens, University of California, Davis; Mariah Meek, University of California, Davis; Alisha Goodbla, University of California, Davis; Raman Nagarajan, University of California, San Francisco; Bernie May, University of California, Davis; Krista M. Nichols, NOAA, Northwest Fisheries Science Center

9:20 AM
Behavioural Attributes of Entrainment Risk for Adult Bull Trout in a Hydropower Reservoir
Eduardo G. Martins, University of British Columbia; Lee F. G. Gutowsky, Carleton University; Philip M. Harrison, University of Waterloo; Joanna E. Mills Flemming, Dalhousie University; Ian D. Jonsen, Dalhousie University; David Z. Zhu, University of Alberta; Alf Leake, B.C. Hydro; David A. Patterson, Fisheries and Oceans Canada; Michael Power, University of Waterloo; Steven J. Cooke, Carleton University

Multiples Instances of Parallel Incipient Sympatric Speciation in Lake Charr Salvelinus Namaycush - Rapid Evolution in a Slow-Living Species (Withdrawn)
10:00 AM
Wednesday Morning Break

10:30 AM
Dispersal and Behavior of Adult Dolly Varden Char in the Arctic Ocean
Andrew Seitz, University of Alaska Fairbanks; Michael Courtney, University of Alaska Fairbanks; Mark D. Evans, University of Alaska Fairbanks; Brendan Scanlon, Alaska Department of Fish and Game

10:50 AM
Born to Spawn: Supplementation of Wild Steelhead in Scott Creek Via Partial Spawning of Hatchery Broodstock
Danielle Frechette, NOAA SWFSC; Kim Brewitt, University of California Santa Cruz; Nicolas Retford, NOAA SWFSC; Ann-Marie K. Osterback, University of California Santa Cruz; Jeff Perez, NOAA SWFSC; Sean A. Hayes, NOAA SWFSC

11:10 AM
Using Otolith Chemistry to Detect Trace Element Signatures in Juvenile Steelhead from Lake Michigan Tributaries (Withdrawn)
Impact of Channel Bar Form and Grain Size Variability on Estimated Stranding Risk of Juvenile Brown Trout during Hydropeaking (Withdrawn)
12:10 PM
Wednesday Lunch

1:30 PM
Factors Influencing Winter Growth and Condition of Brown Trout in Groundwater Dominated Streams of the Driftless Ecoregion
William French, Minnesota Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit; Bruce Vondracek, Minnesota Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit; Leonard Ferrington Jr., University of Minnesota; Douglas Dieterman, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources; Jacques Finlay, University of Minnesota

1:50 PM
Community Stewardship and Low-Flow Channels for an Arctic Char Run in Nunavut, Canada
Cam Stevens, Golder Associates Ltd.; Ryan Popowich, Golder Associates Ltd.; Jim O'Neil, Golder Associates Ltd.

2:10 PM
Partial Migration of Steelhead in the Lapwai Creek Basin, Idaho
Jeff Caisman, University of Idaho; Brian P. Kennedy, University of Idaho

2:30 PM
Reproductive Development in Reconditioned Female Yakima River Steelhead Kelts: Evidence for Consecutive and Skip Repeat Spawning Life Histories
Andrew Pierce, Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission; Joe Blodgett, Yakama Nation; Chris Frederiksen, Yakama Nation; Lucius Caldwell, University of Idaho; Tim Cavileer, University of Idaho; Josh Boyce, University of Idaho; Lea Medeiros, University of Idaho; Ryan Branstetter, Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission; Neil Graham, Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission; Laura Jenkins, University of Idaho; William Bosch, Yakama Nation; David Fast, Yakama Nation; Doug Hatch, Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission; James Nagler, University of Idaho

2:50 PM
Evidence for Skipped Anadromus Migration in Northern Dolly Varden Char Based on Otolith Microchemistry Analysis
Kimberly Howland, Freshwater Institute, Fisheries and Oceans Canada; Colin Gallagher, Freshwater Institute, Fisheries and Oceans Canada; Steve Sandstrom, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources

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