Contributed Papers - Techniques 1

Monday, August 18, 2014: 1:30 PM-5:20 PM
306A (Centre des congrès de Québec // Québec City Convention Centre)
Paul Venturelli
Paul Venturelli

1:30 PM
Effective Patch-Scale Electrical Exclusion of Fish and Invertebrates in the Benthos Across Water Conductivity Levels Using Adjustable Electrical Settings for the Streon Program
Ryan M. Utz, National Ecological Observatory Network; Scott Cooper, University of California, Santa Barbara; Keith B. Gido, Kansas State University; Jenna Stewart, National Ecological Observatory Network, Inc.

1:50 PM
Addressing Confusion Surrounding Otolith Zonation- a Comparison of Redband Trout and Bluegill Growth and Otolith Edge Appearance
Daniel J. Schill, Idaho Department of Fish and Game; Dennis Daw, Boise State University; Pete Koetsier, PhD, Boise State University

2:10 PM
Triangulating the Story of an Native Invader Jellyfish Using Contemporary Field Surveys, Histological Analysis, and Local Ecological Knowledge (LEK)
Talia Young, Rutgers University; James Vasslides, Rutgers University; Mahealani Kaneshiro-Pineiro, Barnegat Bay Partnership

2:30 PM
Predator/Prey Interaction: From Observed Behavior to Direct Measure
Samuel Johnston, HTI Hydroacoustic Technology, Inc; Kevin K. Kumagai, HTI Hydroacoustic Technology, Inc.; Colleen Sullivan, HTI Hydroacoustic Technology, Inc.

2:50 PM
Monday Afternoon Break

Critical Habitat Assessment for Aquatic Habitats Using International Finance Corporations Performance Standard 6 (Withdrawn)
4:20 PM
Comparison of New Software for Rapid, Automated Processing of Hydroacoustic Data for Fisheries Related Applications
Eric Munday, BioSonics, Inc.; James Dawson, BioSonics, Inc; Brian Moore, BioSonics, Inc

4:40 PM
Using Fish Scales As Non-Lethal Alternatives to Otoliths to Track Migration of Atlantic Tarpon
Benjamin Walther, University of Texas; Skye Woodcock, University of Texas

5:00 PM
Studying Fish Behavior Using High Resolution Imaging Sonar
Christopher Rillahan, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth; Pingguo He, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

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