Jawless Fishes of the World - Poster Session

Monday, August 18, 2014: 6:00 PM-8:30 PM
Exhibit Hall 400AB (Centre des congrès de Québec // Québec City Convention Centre)
Detection and Identification of Lampreys in Great Lakes Streams Using Environmental DNA
Margaret Docker, University of Manitoba; Timothy Gingera, University of Manitoba; Todd B. Steeves, Fisheries and Oceans Canada; Weiming Li, Michigan State University; Steven Whyard, University of Manitoba

Life History and Genetic Variability of Lampreys in Interior Alaska Rivers
Trent M. Sutton, University of Alaska Fairbanks; J. Andres Lopez, University of Alaska Fairbanks

Structure of the Lampetra Fluviatilis in the Russian Part of the Baltics
Ivan Tsimbalov, Institute of Ecology and Evolution; Valentina S. Artamonova, Saint Petersburg State University; Alexandr Kucheryavyy, Saint Petersburg State University; Dmitrii S. Pavlov, Institute of Ecology and Evolution, Russian Academy of Sciences

Analysis of Some Taxonomic Criteria in Lethenteron, Lampetra and Eudontomyzon
Alexandr Kucheryavyy, Saint Petersburg State University; Dmitry Yu. Nazarov, Institute of Ecology and Evolution

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