Contributed Papers - Salmon 1

Tuesday, August 19, 2014: 8:20 AM-10:00 AM
306B (Centre des congrès de Québec // Québec City Convention Centre)
Christine Lipsky
Christine Lipsky

8:20 AM
Feeding Ecology of Juvenile Chinook Salmon Along the West Coast of North America
Eric Hertz, University of Victoria; M. Trudel, Fisheries & Oceans Canada; Rick Brodeur, Northwest Fisheries Science Center; Lisa Eisner, NOAA; Ed Farley Jr., NOAA Fisheries; Jamal Moss, NOAA; James Murphy, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration; Jeff Harding, NOAA; R. Bruce MacFarlane, NOAA Southwest Fisheries Science Center; Shapna Mazumder, University of Victoria; Asit Mazumder, University of Victoria

Results of Lower Columbia River Survival Compliance Studies for 2012 (Withdrawn)
9:00 AM
Kokanee or Sockeye: Balancing Conflicting Objectives through an Assessment of Density Dependent Processes
Brett T. van Poorten, British Columbia Ministry of Environment; Shannon Harris, British Columbia Ministry of Environment; Allison Hebert, British Columbia Ministry of Environment

9:20 AM
Contribution of Subyearling Migrant Coho Salmon (Oncorhynchus kisutch) Life Histories to Spawning Populations on the Southern Oregon Coast
Guillermo R. Giannico, Oregon State University; Katherine Nordholm, Oregon State University; Jessica A. Miller, Oregon State University

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