Environmental DNA: A New Tool for Aquatic Conservation and Fisheries Management, Part 2

Tuesday, August 19, 2014: 8:20 AM-12:10 PM
205A (Centre des congrès de Québec // Québec City Convention Centre)
Environmental DNA and Next-Generation Sequencing to Detect Rare Freshwater Fish Species in Southern Ontario (Withdrawn)
8:40 AM
From Water Samples to Entire Fish Community Assessments: A New Next-Generation Sequencing Assay for Environmental DNA
Carson Prichard, The University of Toledo; Carol A. Stepien, The University of Toledo; Thomas Blomquist, The University of Toledo

9:00 AM
Testing and Applying Edna Analysis for Monitoring and Controlling Invasive Northern Pike in South-Central Alaska
Jeff Olsen, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service; Cara Lewis, US Fish and Wildlife Service; John Wenburg, US Fish and Wildlife Service; Rob Massengill, Alaska Department of Fish and Game; Kristine Dunker, Alaska Department of Fish and Game

9:20 AM
The Relationship Between the Spatial Distribution of Common Carp and Their Environmental DNA in a Small Lake
Jessica J. Eichmiller, University of Minnesota; Przemyslaw G. Bajer, University of Minnesota; Peter W. Sorensen, University of Minnesota

9:40 AM
Environmental DNA Surveillance of Asian Carp in the Muskingum River Watershed Utilizing Genetic and Genomic Technologies
Megan Simmons, Central Michigan University; Andrew Mahon, Central Michigan University

10:00 AM
Tuesday Morning Break

10:30 AM
Overview of Environmental DNA Testing and Applications for Invasive and Endangered Species in Ontario
Chris Wilson, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources; Jennifer Bronnenhuber, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources; Caleigh Smith, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources; Anne G. Kidd, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources; Scott M. Reid, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources

10:50 AM
Federal Genomics Research Towards Enabling Edna-Based Detection of Aquatic Invasive Species in Canada and Potential Applications
Cathryn Abbott, Fisheries and Oceans Canada; Magalie Castelin, Fisheries and Oceans Canada; Niels Van Steenkiste, Fisheries and Oceans Canada; Thomas Therriault, Fisheries and Oceans Canada; Charlotte Schoelinck, Fisheries and Oceans Canada; Leif-Matthias Herborg, B.C. Ministry of Environment; Lynda Ritchie, Fisheries and Oceans Canada; Nicholas Mandrak, University of Toronto Scarborough; Nellie Gagne, Fisheries and Oceans Canada

11:10 AM
Stomach Content DNA from Predatory Fishes: Environmental Sampling of Trophic Relationships
Kyle Wellband, University of Windsor; Ryan P. Walter, Fisheries and Oceans Canada; Nicholas E. Mandrak, University of Toronto; Aaron T. Fisk, University of Windsor; Daniel Heath, University of Windsor

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