Oral Presentations

Biology and Ecology of Resident Salmonids Part 1
Elizabeth Perkin and Brittany Jenewein

Conservation of North American Non-Game Fishes
Stephen J. Walsh and Bobby Compton

Effects of Toxic Chemicals and Water Chemistry
Julie Marentette and Daniel Brown

Marine Fish Habitat Associations Part 1
Eric T. Schultz and Lindsay A. Campbell

Ecology and Fisheries of Black Bass
Jan-Michael Hessenauer and M. Clint Lloyd

Biology and Ecology of Resident Salmonids Part 2
Jeffrey S. Ziller, Ryan Koch and William Bosch

Ecology and Management of Invasive Asian Carps
Quinton Phelps, Marybeth K. Brey and Przemyslaw G. Bajer

Monitoring and Restoration of Freshwater Habitats and Fish Part 2
Jeffrey Fisher, Sean Hitchman and Jan Boyer

Use of Genetic Analyses to Assess Fish Population Characteristics
Daniel Drinan, Nagaraj Chatakondi and Kari Dammerman

Impacts of Dams, Barriers, and Water Intake Facilities on Fish Populations
Greg Apke, Jordan Massie, Frank Shrier III and Christa Woodley

Ecology and Fisheries of Chinook Salmon
Mari Williams, Maureen Kavanagh and McLain Johnson

Use of Reef Habitat by Marine Fish
John Boreman and Jill Swasey


Fish Nutrition
Todd Buchholz

Demographic Estimation Methods
Michael Colvin and Jonathan Deroba

Freshwater and Estuarine Food Webs
Adrian Jordaan and José Carrasquero

Monitoring Methods for Marine Fisheries
Laura Lee and Katherine Pierson

Reintroduction and Translocation of Salmonids
Mark Gard and Hilda Sexauer

Ecology and Life History of Steelhead
Gabriel Temple, Catherine Willard and Ian Wilson

Freshwater Sport Fishing
Shannon Bower and Nancy A. Connelly


Statistical Methods
Megan M. Stachura and Lynn A. Mattes

Freshwater Fish Assemblages
Richard Horwitz, Bill T. Stewart, Jeff Hansbarger and Jennifer Malavasi

Telemetry Monitoring Methods
Michael  Sears and Geraldine Vander Haegen