Gutshop 2015: New Perspectives on Feeding Ecology of Fishes Part 1

The goal of this session is present new perspectives on the feeding ecology and trophic dynamics of freshwater and marine fishes.  We anticipate that this session will revive several successful Gutshop symposia held in past decades that greatly advanced the discipline of fish feeding ecology. We encourage talks dealing with newer techniques or advances on a number of topics related to feeding including functional morphology, feeding physiology, bioenergetics, predator-prey behavior, consumption estimates and impacts, sampling design and statistics, as well as ways that feeding dynamics can be integrated into fisheries management.  Talks examining alternate ways to examine diets beyond stomach analysis (e.g., genetic, stable isotopes, fatty acid signatures, scanning techniques) are also encouraged.
Ed Farley Jr., Rick Brodeur, Ron Heintz and Brian Smith
Rick Brodeur, Ron Heintz, Ed Farley Jr. and Richard S. McBride
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