How Different are Asian Masu Salmon Compared to Coho Salmon and Steelhead?

Masu or cherry salmon Oncorhynchus masou and recognized subspecies are Asian endemic salmon native to Taiwan, Korea, Japan and the Russian Federation.  The species was the first to diverge from a common Pacific salmon ancestor.  Despite having this important evolutionary distinction, we are only now beginning to fully understand their biology, life history and status, particularly compared to other, well-studied species in the genus.  The goal of this symposium is to provide summaries on emerging knowledge on masu salmon, and draw comparisons to North American ecological analogs, particularly coho salmon (O. kisutch) and steelhead (O. mykiss). Ultimately, this symposium will serve in laying the groundwork to assess the species under the auspices of the IUCN Species Survival Commission.  Although the species is not necessarily threatened, there are regional and river populations that have been extirpated or are currently threatened, and threats include fishing (both recreational and commercial).
Guillermo R. Giannico
Peter Rand
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