Dam Removals: Fishery and Habitat Response

Over the past decade, many significant dam removal projects have been completed with the intent to improve habitat for native aquatic species, and to provide increased spawning habitat access for many migratory fish.  Many of the large dam removal projects have occurred in the Pacific Northwest with others located elsewhere, including the Northeast US.  The objective of the symposium is to evaluate the quality of ecosystem restoration that dam removal projects have had towards improving native aquatic species habitat, native fish assemblages, stream processes including sediment transport and hydrology, and water quality (e.g., temperature, flows).  We will build upon the 2014 international assessment of dams on fishery resources symposium, with a focus on dam removals, anticipated improvement in fishery resources, and a report of actual results to date, both expected and unexpected.
Margaret Murphy
Margaret Murphy, Gregg Lomnicky, Laura Wildman and John A. Sweka
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