Crossing the Divide: Promoting Cross-Disciplinary Discussion Between Inland and Marine Fisheries for Improved Sustainability Part 1

Although approaches to researching and managing marine and inland fisheries are often different, there are also many similarities. As such, useful insights can be drawn by examining the reasons for the similarities and differences in management between marine and inland fisheries. Recognizing these linkages, learning from them, and increasing communication between marine and inland fisheries research and management professionals will likely provide new insights that benefit the sustainability of these fisheries. The purpose of this symposium is to demonstrate the benefits of working across freshwater and marine realms by evaluating three general areas useful in understanding these fisheries resources: habitats, fish populations, and people. Given the often overlooked linkages between marine and freshwater systems, and the interactions between them, promoting discussion and collaboration across these realms can help stimulate meaningful advances in sustainably managing and studying both freshwater and marine fisheries.
So-Jung Youn, William W. Taylor and Abigail J. Lynch
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