Implementing Electronic Monitoring and Reporting in U.S. Fisheries Management

Government leaders and fishery stakeholders are increasingly interested in promoting the use of technology – electronic monitoring and reporting – in fishery monitoring systems to reduce cost, meet increasing data demands, and improve accountability.  The 2007 amendments to the Magnuson Stevens Act highlighted the importance of accountability and in August 2014 NOAA Fisheries issued a policy directive and guidance on incorporating electronic technologies into fishery dependent data collection systems.  In spring 2015 each NMFS region will have completed an implementation plan for electronic monitoring and reporting in their region.  

Fishery managers around the U.S. are now struggling with the practical steps necessary to incorporate these new systems into existing fishery dependent data collection programs while ensuring alignment of management goals, data needs, funding sources and regulations. The objective of the session is to explore some of the principal science, data, and management issues of incorporating greater use of technology into fishery dependent data systems.  This symposium will bring together presenters who will frame these issues and share information about the ways government scientists and resource managers, stakeholders, and others are working to address them.

Erika Feller
Dorothy Lowman, Eric Brazer, George Lapointe, Melissa Hooper and Kelly Denit
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