South Fork Nooksack Chinook Supplementation Program

The goal of this symposium is to illustrate how captive rearing technology can be utilized to maintain, rebuild, and restore a stock at risk of extinction.  Presenters will review the various approaches used by several major captive rearing/broodstock programs  for Pacific salmon.  Presenters will also focus on rebuilding efforts for South Fork Nooksack River Spring Chinook Salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha) to illustrate how the techniques developed by these earlier programs have been incorporated into this ongoing recovery action.  The unique challenges and solutions the program has developed in working for the recovery of this stock will also be discussed.  Presented information will enhance the knowledge about what captive rearing technology is available, how existing technology may need to be modified to fit the stock at hand, and lessons learned in an ongoing stock recovery effort.
Alan Chapman
Desmond J. Maynard
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