Status and Trends in Aquatic Education Programs, Angler Retention and Fisheries Marketing Programs

The Department of the Interior's Sport Fishing and Boating Partnership Council is completing an analysis of the status of efforts to recruit and retain anglers and educate the public about the importance of aquatic resources.  Specifically, the assessment is evaluating the status and trends of primarily government agencies' aquatic education programs and their role in recruiting and retaining new anglers, as well as educating the general public about the importance of aquatic resources.  The assessment is evaluating several factors including the number of agencies utilizing Sport Fish Restoration Program funds for this purpose, seek to identify programs that are achieving gains in increasing anglers or increasing public understanding of the importance of aquatic resources conservation, and seek to identify recommendations on ways to increase the effectiveness of these programs.  In addition, the assessment is evaluating trends in government agencies and others effort to promote recreational fishing.  The ultimate outcome of this assessment will be the identification of programmatic needs, such as proposed policies and new funding alternatives to increase these efforts.
Sean Connolly and Katrina Mueller
Brian Bohnsack
Brian Bohnsack
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