60-11 Direct marketing by high quality producers

Thursday, September 16, 2010: 12:00 PM
403 (Convention Center)
Izetta Chambers , Alaska Sea Grant, Naknek Family Fisheries, Naknek, AK
There area a handful of new direct marketing and small custom processors emerging with a strategic focus on high quality niche products.  These smaller companies are better able to meet the demands of their customers through a focus on long-term business relationships.  With the move toward consolidation, mergers, permit stacking and the the general trend over the past fifty years toward producing a commodity governed under standards imposed by the champions of globalization, Americans are starving for products produced under the critical standards of fairness and equity to those who are doing the actual work by companies that care about the environment.  Fishermen and families can capitalize on these emerging trends, simultaneously improving the market outlook for wild salmon products.

(Naknek Family Fisheries makets their products directly to consumers, high-end restaurants, and distributors on the west coast of the U.S.)