92-26 Forest Service Research and Management Supporting Fish and Fiber in a Changing Climate

Katherine Smith , PNW Research and Development, USDA Forest Service, Portland, OR
C. a. Dolloff , Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences, USFS, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA
Amy Unthank , National Forest System, USDA Forest Service, Washington, DC
Forests play a fundamental role in protecting the Nation’s aquatic habitats and species by regulating stream flows, moderating water temperatures, and protecting water quality.   Forests also play a key role in supporting vital rural communities through provision of timber and other resources as well as recreation opportunities.   Climate changes, with increasing temperatures and altered disturbance regimes, will affect the ability of forests to provide these ecosystem services.   This presentation provides an overview of Forest Service research to support sustainable forests and fisheries in a changing climate.   We conclude with opportunities to further integrate our forestry and fisheries research efforts.