Effects of Renewable Energy Installations on Marine Ecosystems

The climate change debate has increased efforts to develop technologies for exploiting alternative energy sources. The marine environment offers several options, including tidal, wave and wind energy.  Of particular concern are the potential for fish and marine mammals to collide with submarine installations or noise and electric fields to affect physiology and behavior.  Impacts to fish and birds may be seen at the population level, while other marine species (e.g., cetaceans, pinnipeds, and turtles) may be affected at the individual level.  Potential effects on benthic and pelagic habitats from marine energy devices may also lead to wider biological communities and ecosystems important for fish development and fisheries management. This symposium will bring together international marine scientists to present their research on the environmental effects of marine renewable energy and identify potential monitoring and mitigation strategies to address these effects.
Keith Kirkendall, Andrea Copping, Brian Polagye and Mark Hartl
Keith Kirkendall
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