Using Social Media to Communicate With Anglers: The B.A.S.S. Story

Tuesday, September 10, 2013: 1:20 PM
Fulton (Statehouse Convention Center)
Tyler Reed , B.A.S.S. Nation, B.A.S.S., Birmingham, AL
Since 1968, bass fishermen have become members of the B.A.S.S. Federation Nation, an organization that unites bass anglers and promotes public awareness of bass fishing as a major participation sport. B.A.S.S. also strives to educate anglers on conservation issues that are associated with bass fishing. There are currently Federation Nation clubs in 46 of the United States plus organizations in Canada, Mexico, Italy, Japan, South Africa and Zimbabwe.  B.A.S.S. quickly understood the power of effectively communicating with its membership and anglers through social media outlets. They not only have a strong following of anglers on Twitter and Facebook, but a large number of professional anglers that communicate via social media.  This talk will explore their successful methods and strategies using social media as a tool for outreach and networking among its members.