Using Social Media To Improve Communication In The Fisheries Profession and Engage The Public

Tuesday, September 10, 2013: 8:00 AM-3:00 PM
Fulton (Statehouse Convention Center)
In less than a decade social media has revolutionized communications with the incarnation and proliferation of weblogs, social networking, community media sites, Wiki’s, microblogs and supporting mobile applications. The net result of this communication shift is that information is exchanged more quickly, more often, and consumed by more people, in more ways than ever before. The majority of fisheries professionals just touch the edges of this vast new resource and along with other scientists and the global community are still learning daily about the potential uses. The objective of this symposium is to share ideas and provide examples of how social media is being used by fisheries professionals to effectively communicate within their professional community and with the public.  The benefit to participants at the AFS meeting will be to stimulate ideas for how they can utilize social media and why they should consider using social media outlets.  We intend to have speakers discuss how they or their agencies/organizations are using social media to communicate to the wider public audience.
Andrew Loftus
Julie Defilippi , Joanna Whittier and Thomas Litts
8:40 AM
Survey Results: How Are AFS Members Using Social Media?
Julie M. Defilippi, Atlantic Coastal Cooperative Statistics Program; Joanna Whittier, University of Missouri; Thomas Litts, Georgia Department of Natural Resources; Andrew Loftus, Loftus Consulting

9:00 AM
Social Media and AFS: Where We Are, Where We Need to Go
Sarah Gilbert Fox, American Fisheries Society

9:20 AM
10 Creative Ways to Collect and Translate Science Information
Ann E. McElhatton, Beach Chair Scientist

10:00 AM
Tuesday AM Break

10:20 AM
Using Digital Media to Communicate Fisheries Science
Daniel Isaak, US Forest Service; Joanna Whittier, University of Missouri; Julie Defilippi, Atlantic Coastal Cooperative Statistics Program

10:40 AM
The Fisheries Blog: Communicating Fisheries Science To An Internet Audience
Patrick B. Cooney, Smith-Root; Stephen R. Midway, Pennsylvania Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit; Brandon Peoples, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University; Dana K. Sackett, University of Hawaii

11:40 AM
Georgia's Use of Social Media to Communicate With Anglers and Drive License Sales
Thomas Litts, Georgia Department of Natural Resources; David Allen, Georgia Department of Natural Resources

12:00 PM
Tuesday Lunch

1:40 PM
Panel Discussion

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