AFS/Sea Grant Best Student Presentation - Part 1

Monday, September 9, 2013: 1:00 PM-5:00 PM
Conway (The Marriott Little Rock)
The AFS/ Sea Grant Best Student Presentation and Poster Awards are selected at the AFS National Meeting each year.  Competition for these awards takes place during the Annual Meeting; student finalists present the products of their research in their selected medium early in the week.  The research project or specific objective must be complete or nearly complete.  A letter of support from a student’s advisor, verifying that research is at a stage appropriate for award consideration,  must be e-mailed to the symposium organizers.  The “Best Student Presentation” symposium takes place on Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning each year.  The finalists for “Best Student Poster” stand next to their work during the Monday night Poster and Trade Show Social.  The overall winners and honorable mentions for the “Best Student Presentation/Poster” awards are then announced during the AFS business meeting on Tuesday afternoon.  The overall winners in each category receive their plaques and prize money during the Education Section’s business meeting the following year.
Melissa Wuellner and Michael C. Quist
Craig P. Paukert and Daniel Magoulick
1:20 PM
Tracing Consumer-Derived Nitrogen in Stream Communities
Carla L. Atkinson, University of Oklahoma; Jeffrey F. Kelly, University of Oklahoma; Caryn C. Vaughn, University of Oklahoma

1:40 PM
Do Syntopic Crayfish Partition Trophic Resources? New Insights From Stable Isotopes and Stomach Contents
Reid Morehouse, Oklahoma State University; Michael Tobler, Oklahoma State University

2:00 PM
Using Bioenergetics to Evaluate Fish Consumption of the Spiny Waterflea in Lakes Michigan and Superior
Kevin M. Keeler, University of Michigan; David B. Bunnell, USGS Great Lakes Science Center; David M. Warner, USGS Great Lakes Science Center; Daniel L. Yule, USGS Great Lakes Science Center; Justin G. Mychek-Londer, USGS Great Lakes Science Center; Bruce M. Davis, USGS Great Lakes Science Center; Margret A. Chriscinske, USGS Great Lakes Science Center; James S. Diana, University of Michigan

2:20 PM
Comparing the Causes and Consequences of Larval Condition in Rockfishes (Sebastes spp.) With Alternative Life History Strategies
Sarah Wheeler, San Diego State University; Todd Anderson, San Diego State University; Steven Morgan, University of California Davis; James Hobbs, University of California, Davis

2:40 PM
Spatial Patterns of Fish Assemblages in Bear Creek Watershed, Mississippi
Caroline Andrews, Mississippi State University; Leandro E. Miranda, U.S. Geological Survey, Mississippi Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit; Robert Kröger, Mississippi State University

3:00 PM
Monday PM Break

3:20 PM
"Hide and Seek: Interplay of Fish and Anglers Influences Spatial Fisheries Management"
Bryan Matthias, University of Florida; Mike Allen, University of Florida; Robert Ahrens, University of Florida; T. Douglas Beard Jr., U.S. Geological Survey; Janice Kerns, University of Florida

3:40 PM
Range-Wide Population Structure of Alligator Gar
Sandra Bohn, The University of Southern Mississippi; Brian Kreiser, The University of Southern Mississippi; Gregory R. Moyer, US Fish and Wildlife Service

4:20 PM
The Potential Impact of Climate Change On Lake Whitefish (Coregonus clupeaformis) Recruitment in the Upper Great Lakes
Abigail J. Lynch, Michigan State University; William W. Taylor, Michigan State University

4:40 PM
Comparing Commercial and Recreational Harvest Characteristics of Paddlefish In the Middle Mississippi River
Ryan Hupfeld, Missouri Department of Conservation; Quinton Phelps, Missouri Department of Conservation

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