Piloting Big Rivers For The Challenges Ahead

Thursday, September 12, 2013: 8:00 AM-5:00 PM
Marriott Ballroom B (The Marriott Little Rock)
Pilots guide vessels through dangerous or congested waters with their detailed knowledge of local waterways.  In that way, The American Institute of Research Fisheries Biologist is looking to bring together big river experts to discuss the challenges ahead.  The symposium will display the current status of the big rivers of North America, highlighting issues related to climate change, habitat, and invasive species.  Talks will cover a wide geographic range from the Northwest to the Great Lakes down to the Mississippi delta and back up the East coast.  Besides species specific presentations, topics will also include sediment transport, nutrient flux, and habitat restoration.  The symposium will also look to bridge the gap between riverine and marine environments as issues effecting big rivers in turn affect estuaries and ultimately the ocean.  Topics will also cover diadromous species which utilize both big rivers and the ocean.  The objective of the symposium will be to identify significant challenges ahead and compare the best practices for dealing with them.  Participants at the Annual Meeting in Little Rock will take away a greater understanding of big river systems, their importance to the local ecosystems, their broader connectivity to the marine environment, and the challenges ahead.  Protecting and monitoring these big river systems will be vital to creating truly sustainable fisheries.
Sean M. Lucey , Thomas Keegan and Jeffrey S. Schaeffer
Sean M. Lucey , Thomas Keegan and Jeffrey S. Schaeffer
Sean M. Lucey , Thomas Keegan and Jeffrey S. Schaeffer
8:00 AM
8:40 AM
Large Rivers, Nitrogen and Fish: Current and Future Issues
William Richardson, US Geological Survey

9:40 AM
Upper Mississippi River Restoration - Challenges and Opportunities
Kathryn McCain, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

10:00 AM
Thursday AM Break

Conceptual Foundations for Fish Habitat Restoration in the Great Lakes Connecting Channels (Withdrawn)
11:20 AM
Fish Community in a Regulated and a Free-Flowing Missouri River Tributary, 2012-2013
Emily K. Pherigo, Missouri Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit, University of Missouri-Columbia; Craig P. Paukert, U.S. Geological Survey Missouri Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit

12:00 PM
Thursday Lunch

1:00 PM
Disease Potential in Coho Salmon: Effects of Water Temperature and Fisheries Capture/Release
Amy Teffer, University of Victoria; Scott G. Hinch, University of British Columbia; Kristi Miller, Fisheries and Oceans Canada; Francis Juanes, University of Victoria; Ken M. Jeffries, University of British Columbia

1:20 PM
Elevated pH As a Disinfection Tool Against Three Invasive Mollusks of Concern
Amber Barenberg, University of Idaho; Christine M. Moffitt, University of Idaho; Barnaby Watten, US Geological Survey

1:40 PM
Invasive Fishes in the Large Rivers of the United States
Duane Chapman, USGS, Columbia Environmental Research Center

2:00 PM
The Ecological Role of Invasive American Shad in the Columbia River
Daniel J. Hasselman, University of California-Santa Cruz

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