Fish Passage and Entrainment

Monday, September 9, 2013: 1:00 PM-5:00 PM
Hoffman (The Marriott Little Rock)
Michael L. Jones
1:00 PM
Understanding CWA Section 316(b) and Positive Impacts to Fish Populations
Nathan Henderson, Stantec Consulting; Jacob W. Riley, Stantec Consulting; Michael Johnson, Stantec COnsulting; Kristian Omland, stantec consulting

1:20 PM
Laboratory Evaluation of Post-Impingement Survival of Juvenile and Adult Fish With a Rotary-Disc Screen
Jonathan Black, Alden Research Laboratory, Inc.; Kevin LaMontagne, Alden Research Laboratory, Inc.; Daniel Giza, Alden Research Laboratory, Inc.; Brian McMahon, Alden Research Laboratory, Inc.; Elgin Perry, Statistical Consultant; Douglas A. Dixon, Electric Power Research Institute

1:40 PM
Culvert Hydraulics and Passage Performance of Brook Trout: Challenging Existing Models
Elsa Goerig, Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique; Normand Bergeron, Ph.D., Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique; Theodore Castro-Santos, U.S. Geological Survey

2:00 PM
Effects of Road Crossings in Headwater Streams On Fish Movement Investigated With Radio Frequency Identification
Ian MacLeod, Arkansas Tech University; Charles Gagen, Arkansas Tech University

2:20 PM
Behavioral Response of Walleye to a Bioacoustic Bubble Strobe Light Barrier
Mark Flammang, Iowa Department of Natural Resources; Megan D. Thul, Iowa Department of Natural Resources

2:40 PM
Fragmentation By Dams: Spatial Measures of Dam Impacts On Streams of the Conterminous U.S
Arthur R. Cooper, Michigan State University; Dana M. Infante, Michigan State University; Lizhu Wang, International Joint Commission; Daniel Wieferich, Michigan State University

3:00 PM
Monday PM Break

3:20 PM
Passage Distributions and Federal Columbia River Power System Survival for Steelhead Kelts Tagged Above and At Lower Granite Dam
Alison Colotelo, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; Bryan Jones, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; Ryan A. Harnish, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; Chris Pinney, US Army Corps of Engineers

3:40 PM
Where Are the Fish... Really? Taking the Error Out of Fish Positioning for Jsats
Bishes Rayamajhi, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; Shon Zimmerman, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; Darin Etherington, Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission; Tyler Mitchell, Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission; Zhiqun (Daniel) Deng, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; Tao Fu, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; Mark A. Weiland, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; Gene R. Ploskey, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

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