Brook Trout and Lake Trout

Wednesday, September 11, 2013: 8:00 AM-12:00 PM
Miller (Statehouse Convention Center)
Daniel C. Dauwalter
8:00 AM
Seasonal Movement Patterns and Habitat Use of the Eastern Brook Trout in North-Central Pennsylvania
Lori Smith, Pennsylvania Cooperative Fish & Wildlife Research Unit, Pennsylvania State University; Tyler Wagner, U.S. Geological Survey, Pennsylvania Cooperative Fish & Wildlife Research Unit

8:20 AM
Brook Trout in New Zealand: A Failed Introduction @ 45 South
Lance Dorsey, University of Otago; Gerry Closs, University of Otago; Richard Allibone, Golder Associates (NZ) Limited

8:40 AM
The Impact of Climate Change On Brook Trout Thermal Habitat in the United States
Kelsey M. Schlee, Michigan State University; Abigail J. Lynch, Michigan State University; William W. Taylor, Michigan State University; Ernie F. Hain, North Carolina State University; Stacy Nelson, North Carolina State University; T. Douglas Beard Jr., U.S. Geological Survey

9:00 AM
An Assessment of Coastal and Anadromous Brook Trout in New England
Daniel C. Dauwalter, Trout Unlimited; Joseph McGurrin, Trout Unlimited

9:20 AM
Emerging Trends in a Long-Term Fish Dataset: Implications for the Future in Central Appalachian Headwaters
Ross Andrew, West Virginia University; K.J. Hartman, West Virginia University

9:40 AM
Genetic Subdivision and Connectivity of Lake Trout Populations in Southern Lake Superior
Andrew Jasonowicz, University of Washington; Frederick Goetz, NOAA, Northwest Fisheries Science Center; Shawn Sitar, Michigan Department of Natural Resources

10:00 AM
Wednesday AM Break

10:20 AM
Modeling the Lake-Wide Sustainability of Lake Trout Stocks in Lake Superior
Laura Schmidt, University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point; Michael J. Hansen, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point

10:40 AM
Evaluating Future Need of the Gull Island Shoal Lake Trout Refuge in Lake Superior
Andrea Koster, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point; Michael J. Hansen, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point

11:00 AM
Truss Type Morphometric Comparison of Lake Trout From Elk Lake (Antrim County), Lean Forms From Lake Superior, and Stocked Lean Forms From Lake Michigan
Laura Mathews, Central Michigan University; Jory Jonas, Michigan Department of Natural Resources; Tracy L. Galarowicz, Central Michigan University; Kevin Pangle, Central Michigan University

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