Technical Developments in Fish Exclusion & Debris Barriers

Thursday, August 25, 2016: 3:20 PM
Chouteau A (Sheraton at Crown Center)
Andy Peters , Pacific Netting Products, Kingston, WA
J.S. Poulton , Ontario Power Generation
Topic: The application of materials and technology that protect fish, prevent entrainment and / or impingement at cooling water intakes and hydroelectric facilities.


This presentation will review the developments in materials and technology that have led to successful installations of fish exclusion guidance and collection systems, temperature and algae control curtains, and debris control systems. In this presentation, we will discuss different designs, various components, lessons learned and the planning, materials, engineering, operations and maintenance considerations that all successful projects require. 

To illustrate and illuminate, we will provide an introduction to the following projects:

Pickering Nuclear Power Plant, Ontario Power, Ontario, Canada

North Fork Clackamas, Portland General Electric, Portland Oregon

Baker Lakes, Puget Sound Energy, Concrete Washington


Objective and Value:

This presentation should be of interest to researchers, educators, practitioners, biologist, engineers, tribes, and regulators from around the world who are interested in methods to exclude, collect, protect or restore migratory fishes and aquatic species or prevent impingement and entrainment of species at facilities in order to comply with regulations.