10 Creative Ways to Collect and Translate Science Information

Tuesday, September 10, 2013: 9:20 AM
Fulton (Statehouse Convention Center)
Ann E. McElhatton , Beach Chair Scientist, Springfield, VA
Blogging can be a powerful tool to practice informal (i.e., conversational) writing techniques in a clear and concise style – exactly the manner journalists and the non-STEM minded public are looking for to get their facts straight when it comes to fisheries management, climate change, sustainability, or any other ocean-related hot topics. This presentation will demonstrate techniques used by blogger Beach Chair Scientist (… bringing a simplified perspective to your beachcombing inquires & more) to filter, spin, coordinate, and share data appropriately so that the public and mainstream media will soon be coming to you for their next Q and A. Go ahead! Make a name for yourself as an expert always ahead of the game in your field by educating yourself on how to collect and translate scientific information in a digestible format by learning how to 1) reliably and confidently review and gather information, as well as 2) innovative approaches for sharing knowledge with any audience (e.g., blogs, infographics).