Future of Fisheries: Perspectives for Emerging Professionals, Part 1

Monday, August 18, 2014: 1:30 PM-5:20 PM
204B (Centre des congrès de Québec // Québec City Convention Centre)
Distinguished fisheries professionals have been mentored by individuals that have greatly impacted their careers.  When reflecting on their professional journeys, these professionals often find a particular lesson or piece of advice that, in many ways, played a significant role in their professional and personal development. These unique experiences, lessons learned, and valuable perspectives can help guide emerging fisheries professionals on the path to self-improvement and career development. This symposium will serve as a medium for distinguished mentors to reach a broad audience of mentees with whom they seek to share their “lesson learned” and visions for the future of fisheries. This interaction is intended to empower the newer generations of fisheries professionals and assist in their professional growth by providing examples relevant to career development.
Marissa Hammond , Abigail J. Lynch , Nancy Leonard and William W. Taylor
Marissa Hammond
Email: hammo146@msu.edu

Abigail J. Lynch, PhD
Email: lynchabi@msu.edu

Nancy Leonard, PhD
Email: nleonard@NWCouncil.org

William W. Taylor, Ph.D.
Email: taylorw@msu.edu

1:30 PM
Finding That First Academic Position
Daniel A. Isermann, USGS-Wisconsin Cooperative Fishery Research Unit, University of Wisconsin–Stevens Point; David W. Willis, Department of Natural Resource Management, South Dakota State University

1:50 PM
Have You Prepared Yourself for the Changing Employment Arena?
William L. Fisher, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point; Daniel C. Dauwalter, Trout Unlimited

2:10 PM
Mentors Matter: Strategies for Selecting the Right Mentor
Steven J. Cooke, Carleton University; Connie O'Connor, McMaster University

2:30 PM
The Intern–Mentor Experience: A Sample of the Real World
Molly Good, Michigan State University; John F. Kocik, NOAA's National Marine Fisheries Service

2:50 PM
Timing Is Everything
Erin Walaszczyk, Michigan State University; Cory Brant, Michigan State University; Nicholas S. Johnson, United States Geological Survey; Weiming Li, Michigan State University

3:10 PM
Monday Afternoon Break

3:40 PM
Linking Successful Careers to Successful Fisheries
Charles Rabeni, University of Missouri; Shannon Brewer, U.S. Geological Survey, Oklahoma Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit

4:00 PM
Succeeding As a Non-Traditional Graduate Student: Building a Supportive Network
Robin L. DeBruyne, Cornell Biological Field Station, Cornell University; Edward F. Roseman, USGS Great Lakes Science Center

4:20 PM
Can We Really Have It All?
Jessica Mistak, Michigan Department of Natural Resources

4:40 PM
Reconnecting People to Their Natural Environment
Christine M. Moffitt, University of Idaho; Zachary Penney, University of Idaho; Lubia Cajas Cano, University of Idaho

5:00 PM
Openness to the Unexpected: Our Pathways to Careers in a Federal Research Laboratory
Kurt Newman, U.S. Geological Survey, Great Lakes Science Center; David B. Bunnell, USGS Great Lakes Science Center; Darryl Hondorp, USGS Great Lakes Science Center

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