Protecting Fish at Cooling Water Intakes: Advancing Science to Support Clean Water Act §316(b) Compliance, Part 2

Tuesday, August 19, 2014: 8:20 AM-5:20 PM
203 (Centre des congrès de Québec // Québec City Convention Centre)
Jonathan Black and Douglas A. Dixon
Bill Dey , Charles C. Coutant , Terry Cheek , Thomas L. Englert, PhD and Robert H. Reider
Jonathan Black

Douglas A. Dixon, PhD

Bill Dey

Charles C. Coutant, PhD

Terry Cheek

Thomas L. Englert, PhD

Robert H. Reider

8:20 AM
Testing an Impact Prediction for Larval Fish Entrainment at a Cooling Water Intake for a Coastal Thermal Generating Station in Northern New Brunswick, Canada
Mary Murdoch, Stantec Consulting Ltd.; Malcolm Stephenson, Stantec Consulting Ltd.; Anthony Bielecki, NB Power Generation Corporation; Sam Salley, Stantec Consulting Ltd.; Nathan Henderson, AECOM

8:40 AM
Estimating Entrainment Impacts of a Proposed Offshore Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Terminal within a Coral Reef Ecosystem in Puerto Rico
Brian Dresser, Tetra Tech, Inc.; John Schaffer, Tetra Tech, Inc.; Matt Lybolt, Tetra Tech, Inc.; Mike Trammel, Excelerate Energy, Inc.; Jorge Garcia, University of Puerto Rico

9:00 AM
Section §316(b) of the Clean Water Act: Implications of Quantifying Social Costs and Benefits in a Cost-Benefit Analysis
Thomas Allen, Southwick Associates, Inc.; Robert Southwick, Southwick Associates; Marcia Phillips, Phillips Consulting, LLC

9:20 AM
The Social Costs of Closed-Cycle Cooling
Matthew Bingham, Veritas Economics; Jason Kinnell, Veritas Economics

9:40 AM
Monetizing Ecological Benefits of I&e Reductions
Larry Barnthouse, LWB Environmental Services Inc.; Matthew F. Bingham, Veritas Economics

10:00 AM
Tuesday Morning Break

10:30 AM
The Role of Knowledge in Assessing Nonuse Values for Site-Specific §316(b) Determinations
Jason Kinnell, Veritas Economics; Matthew Bingham, Veritas Economics

10:50 AM
In-River Performance of a 2-MM Slot Wedgewire Screen for Reducing Entrainment
Mark Mattson, Normandeau Associates, Inc.; Paul Lindsay, Normandeau Associates, Inc.; John Young, ASA Analysis & Communication, Inc; Douglas Heimbuch, AKRF; Larry Barnthouse, LWB Environmental Services Inc.

Predicting the Effectiveness of Wedge-Wire Screens at Reducing Entrainment of Larval Fishes Using Head Capsule Morphology (Withdrawn)
11:30 AM
Retention Rates of 2.0-Mm Fine-Mesh Traveling Water Screens: Theoretical Vs. Empirical
Jonathan Black, Alden Research Laboratory, Inc.; Douglas A. Dixon, Electric Power Research Institute

11:50 AM
A Flow Modifying Curtain for Reducing Egg Entrainment
Thomas L. Englert, PhD, HDR Engineering Inc; John Nelson, HDR Engineering Inc.; Paul Lindsay, Normandeau Associates, Inc.; Andrew Scano, Brooklyn Navy Yard Cogen Partners

12:10 PM
Tuesday Lunch

1:30 PM
Entrainment BTA Using Variable Speed Pumping at an Estuarine Intake
James McLaren, ASA Analysis & Communication, Inc.; William Dey, ASA Analysis and Communication; John Young, ASA Analysis & Communication, Inc; Joseph DiLorenzo, Najarian Associates

1:50 PM
Operational Solutions to Address Entrainment Impacts in Southern New England
Chris Tomichek, Kleinschmidt Associates; Tracy Maynard, Kleinschmidt Associates

2:30 PM
The Use of Long-Term Databases in Evaluating Impingement and Entrainment Impacts at Nextera Energy Seabrook (NH) Nuclear Power Station
Paul Geoghegan, Normandeau Associates Inc.; Marcia Bowen, Normandeau Associates Inc.; Al Legendre, NextEra Energy Seabrook Station

3:10 PM
Tuesday Afternoon Break

4:00 PM
Differential Cohort Mortality in Hudson Estuary Ichthyoplankton
John Young, ASA Analysis & Communication, Inc

4:40 PM
Power of a Multi-Year Monitoring Program to Detect Potential Change in Shoreline Fish Communities Adjacent to a Nuclear Power Plant
Tara Dolan, NOAA Fisheries; Patrick Lynch, NOAA Fisheries; Joseph E. Serafy, National Marine Fisheries Service Southeast Fisheries Science Center

5:00 PM
Clean Water Act §316(b) Compliance on Lake Michigan, Quantifying Adverse Environmental Impact
Jonathan Leiman, Environ International Corporation; Erik White, Environ International Corporation; Rick Lockwood, Environ International Corporation

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